Abramson Teiger Architects

Abramson Teiger Architects is located in Abramson Teiger Architects, 8924 Lindblade Street, Culver City, CA 90232, United States

Abramson Teiger Architects

Architecture should raise me soul to o higher spiritual level. Our use of form and light creates an architecture that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.

Our work brings a new spiritual, peaceful and emotional level to clients. We sculpt space, light and form into architecture through the creative use of wood, glass, concrete, stone and steel and create space that is dramatic and visually dynamic.

Our projects are of a size where they can both experiment at tangible scale and work closely with clients. We enjoy interacting with people, and believe that the design process evolves with dialog between client and architect. Our clients are invested in the design process and as a result, become strong advocates for Architects and their profession.

Company Profile:

Size of Firm:
  • 5-9 Licensed Architects
  • 5-9 Total Employees
Types of Work:
  • Single family residential
  • Commercial
Additional Services:
  • Interior design
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